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About The Tulips Productions

The Tulips Productions is an all-round Spanish production company based in Almeria that will be your best service partner to manage your project in the region from A to Z. With more than 30 years of international experience, we are also open to being your dedicated co-producer.

(Co) Productions

Sky-rocketing and humble, short and lengthy stories, classic and experimental; we believe in stories that can surprise and amaze and expand the view of the world or take you – and us – on a whirlwind journey.

We are happy to discuss further opportunities, to be your co-producer, to collaborate on development and to work with you on your script analysis, breakdowns and budgeting, including the possibility of brokering attractive Spanish tax benefits.

With more than 30 years of experience in international producing, we can be a substantively strong partner when it comes to developing your audio visual projects. With a keen eye for feasibility as well as the creative aspect. We also keep developing sustainability on our productions, together with our partners.


At home ground The Tulips Productions [services] welcomes you to the beautiful film region of Almeria, its cultural, heritage and its unique surroundings. 

Anyone looking for stunning locations, excellent local conditions, professional and experienced local fixers and producers for a film or other project has come to the right place. We know the region and its impressive and cinematographic landscapes, cities, villages and coastal areas by heart.

The Tulips Productions offer extensive services as well as customised packages to meet your needs for your projects. We can handle all your cinematographic challenges and desires for any kind of event like no other offer in this region and take care of all the necessary permits and everything else needed to complete your shoot with commitment and confidence.


Together with our team we deliver a powerful source of knowledge and expertise.
Almeria knows us and we know Almeria, so we can open doors for you that remain closed to others.

We are The Tulips. We Deliver.


· nice to meet you ·

Aty Soesbergen

Founder – Production Supervisor  

Supervisor Productions  Project Management

Expert Locations, logistics & local affairs

Living in Almeria since
time immemorial, born Dutch. Many years of servicing films, series
and events in the area. Knows every nook and cranny. Makes the
impossible possible with great effort and dedication.


Karin S. de Boer

Founder – Producer
Managing Director

Creative Producer
Project Development,

Expert project & script analysis / budgeting

Dutch born, cosmopolitan
but rooted in Almeria since
time immemorial. Many years
of international film productions experience. With a big heart for stories that matter and meaningfull challenges.

Always with an eye for the creative aspect.


Mar González

Office Manager 

Permits & local affairs

HRM & general assistant 


Our native Almeriense
with a solid network in
the region: the cornerstone
of our organization. After assisting in productions
since the 80's and a blooming career in the music industry working the past 20 years as coordinator in numerous productions.


Production and more 

We grow new tulips!
Because we believe in
passing on knowledge
we offer internships for production and communication. And we
are setting up workshops
for health and safety and sustainability managers. 

In addition: we aim for an internship for three EISO
film students in alternating positions at each production shot in Almeria.