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Format: Short, 10 Min

Status: Post Production

Director: Nikolaj Larsen & Duncan Pickstock

Starring: Tony Corvelli

Director of Photography: Paul Bessa

Locations: Almeria, Spain

Produced by: Karin S. de Boer for The Tulips Productions

Production: The Tulips Services



Domino is the second part of a trilogy  set in the near future when climate related economic collapse and the resulting social unrest has made life increasingly difficult for a lot of Europeans.

Tony is a people smuggler. He wakes up in his pick-up truck on the forecourt of a petrol station somewhere in a barren and rocky desert. When his boss Jess furiously calls him that he has made a big mistake in transporting one of the migrants, Jack, he is forced to go back into the desert to search. From then on, everything begins to unravel.