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Format: Short, 19:45 Min

Status: Released 2023

Director: Nikolaj Larsen & Duncan Pickstock

Director of Photography: Guiseppe Politi

Additional Photography: Jonas Mortensen, George Ramsay

Drone: Sam Orams

Sound Design, Music, Mix: Mikkel H. Eriksen

Locations: Almeria

Production: The Tulips Productions

Set in 2033 “Jason is leaving a broken Britain behind to search for a bright future for his family and him when the smuggler-boat he is on capsizes in the Mediterranean.”


Odyssey reframes the contentious issue of migration by proposing a near-future where it is the Europeans who are fleeing a broken continent to look for a new life in a chain of city states south of the Sahara that are being built as a safe haven for the super-rich in a world on the brink of collapse. 

We meet Jason, our protagonist , struggling for his life in an angry sea. Initially, we have no idea of how he got there but as our narrative unfolds we learn that Jason, his wife Helen and their two children have given up hope of ever being able to make a life for themselves in Britain.

Through a series of phone calls and messages we follow Jason’s journey through France to the southern Spanish coast where he is  to be picked up by a boat. He is on the phone to Helen reassuring her that everything is alright when we hear the people smuggler pushing people onto the boat that has just arrived. 

‘I’ve got to go love” Jason says . ‘The boat’s here. I love you. I love you.’