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Format: 95 Min

Status: In Development

Director: Manuel Arija

Locations: Almeria

Produced by: Chicken Assemble Producciones 

Co- Produced by: The Tulips Productions

In a village lost in the middle of nowhere, a group of teenagers kill time in a hot summer of 1983. Until unexpected news shakes up their routine.

A boy from the gang, the outcast they all took advantage of, has died in some sinister circumstances. The feelings of guilt make the best friend he had gets in big trouble. 

Pueblo is a psychological thriller. A look where friends may not be forever friends are perhaps maturing does not mean becoming a better person and where adventures don't always end well. Pueblo is a dark look at the golden lustre of the 80's in Spain, where there are ghosts, there are revenge, there are vendettas, there are many cowards and very few brave ones.